Add images, video, and other media to SPT

Enhance your Paper docs by adding images, video, and other media directly into the body of your doc. In Paper, you can:

  • Arrange media the way you want it
  • Embed files from other services into Paper docs

Insert media into Paper docs

You can insert media in a doc in several ways:

  • Hover over text and click the + (plus) icon that appears. Choose to add a file from your computer.
  • Drag a media file from your computer directly into a Paper doc.
  • Copy-and-paste a media file or URL.

In each case the image automatically appears.

After you insert an image, you can add a caption:

  1. Click the image to select it.
  2. Click Write a caption at the bottom of the image.
  3. Type your caption.

Galleries and image layouts

If you drag or copy-and-paste images beside one another in your doc, the images automatically organize into a gallery view.

You can drag the images around the page to reorder them and they’ll resize to fit. Supported image types include .png, .tiff, .jpeg, .gif, and more.

To create a wide-screen image, or to change the orientation of on an image on the page, click the image once and select from the menu that appears.